Interim Management

Aedon Interim Management service is to help design and implement distributed operating model with the overall objective of enabling large scale AI utilization. For that, Aedon suggests an operating model based on decentralization. A detailed operating model description is available as White Paper, as applicable.

Interim Management assignment details can be agreed in a very flexible manner – depending on multitude of situational factors. In other words, IM role can be anything between focused change management support to transformation orchestration.

Recommended first step – either as part of IM assignment or before it – is to do current state assessment thru Constraints Assessment service. The core idea is to identify and understand constraints preventing AI at Scale. That leads to clarity on strategic priorities and natural marching order for the IM assignment itself. Digital Strategy project is a further option in case strategy update is required.

Interim Management benefits

The benefits of Interim Manager deployment have to be assessed against the alternatives: Operating model and digital capability build-up done with existing management resources or with new hires.

Downside of both alternative is easy to spot. In case is existing managers it’s about available bandwidth and possibly about lack of the necessary skills. In case of new hire it’s about delays, costs, risks and availability.

Overall, use of Interim Manager comes with the following benefits:

  • Interim Manager enables focus on high-impact areas, breakthru points and on existing management capability shortcomings.
  • Interim Manager’s time-to-impact is really short. Lead time to start is counted in days, at best. IM who can navigate thru technical and non-technical digital capability details delivers value from Day 1 onwards.
  • Interim Manager with long business and leadership experience provides versatility and flexibility. The role is malleable with adaptability to situational needs that are prone to change over time.
  • Interim Manager’s personal agenda is inherently business-driven. He works for change and improvement rather than preserving the status quo.
  • Interim Manager does not have position in the new organization. This makes him objective and independent as personal drivers emerge from good performance and results only.
  • Interim Manager is scalable thru part-time assignment from one day per week upwards. Combined with stop option with no delay makes interim management virtually risk-free compared to permanent hire.
  • All things considered, Interim Manager is very cost-efficient.

Aedon Value Proposition – What makes Aedon different

In relation to operating model implementation, Aedon brings skills and know-how that are difficult to source from anywhere else:

  • In-depth understanding of AI-driven value creation, including strategic drivers, operating model design and digital capability requirements.
  • Combination of business strategic perspective and hands-on take on digital capabilities leading to exceptionally strong grip on digital strategy – both in terms of business environment and internal capabilities.
  • Long project and line management experience with people skills brings seniority where it is needed: Operating model implementation management and orchestration with readiness to face complexities, technical challenges and organizational inertia.
  • In-depth understanding of data-driven productivity combined with experience and seniority leads to versatility and flexibility in terms of scope of responsibilities: From ad-hoc tasks to managing single stream to full-blown orchestration.

Versatility, flexibility and proactivity

Seniority and experience bring versatility, flexibility and proactivity. Versatility in terms of assignable tasks. Flexibility with regards to situational dynamics with emerging needs. Proactivity in relation to managing surprises and problems in auto-pilot.

Twelve dynamic roles of Interim Manager:

  • Orchestrator plans actions, agrees roles and responsibilities, and assigns tasks
  • Leader maintains strategic perspective and sets targets
  • Networker creates contacts with stake-holders and ensures effective communication
  • Communicator maintains vision, documents achievements and keeps stakeholders informed
  • Driver reminds responsible parties of agreed tasks, objectives and expected results
  • Reporter assesses execution status and informs steering structure on progress, gains, challenges and outlook
  • Expert applies change management frameworks for planning, prioritization and execution
  • Facilitator enables efficient meetings and workshops
  • Editor records observations, conclusions and decisions
  • Interviewer makes organizational tacit knowledge visible
  • Negotiator points out conflicts and risks and facilitates dialogue for solution discovery
  • Advisor points out alternatives, options and risks and suggests solutions

For further information and to discuss opportunities for cooperation, please don’t hesitate to contact.