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In modern business environment, technology is by far the biggest disruptive force. Technology evolution keeps pushing Productivity Frontier in all industries. That results in constantly changing competitive landscape. Productivity is a combination of customer value, customer experience and operational efficiency.

A company needs to stay approximately at the frontier. If its position starts to slip clearly behind the competition, thin margins and chronic profitability problems follow.

For competitiveness, strong Business Technology Capability is needed. BTC consists of Assets and Activities from organisation to computing infrastructure. For details, see BTC Framework.

“Digital transformation is most of all about leadership. BTC as a leadership framework is complex. Strategic change management becomes critical success factor.” – Antti Pikkusaari

The journey towards better productivity and improved competitiveness starts with assessing current business technology capabilities. For details, see BTC Assessment.

BTC transformation calls for strategic change management. For details, see Change Management.

Use of Interim Manager (IM) for strategic change management brings significant benefits:

  • IM’s personal agenda is always change and improvement instead of preserving the Status Quo.
  • IM does not have a role in the new org. He is fundamentally objective and independent.
  • Use of IM enables focus on breakthru points and on the mgmt capability shortcomings.
  • IM is flexible and cost-efficient thru very fast start/stop and thru part-time assignment.
  • Compared to recruitment, Interim Manager is highly scalable and virtually risk-free.