Why the excitement about Enterprise Architecture

Business Technology Capability dualism was discovered in the previous post: While Assets form the capability foundation, Activities are needed to manage and develop the assets. Only with both pillars in place, technology-driven productivity gains become a reality. Enterprise Architecture has been around for a long time with three distinct maturity levels. The first two are […]

BTC Assets and Activities

The importance of Business Technology Capability was discussed in the previous post. The rationale for placing business technology into capability core was clarified. Now it is time to dive deeper into the BTC framework by outlining its structure and contents. BTC is dualistic by nature: Assets and Activities go hand-in-hand with the common goal of […]

Why Business Technology Capability

As discussed in the previous post, Competitive Advantage can be found at the Productivity Frontier. On the other hand, technology is by far the biggest productivity booster. By adding 1+1 it is easy to predict the winners of this race: They are the ones most able to utilize technology for productivity gains. The ones that […]

How technology pushes productivity

Productivity is calculated with a simple equation: Productivity = Value / Effort. The equation tells us that there are two routes to better productivity. One is to increase value while the other is to save the effort needed to create that value. In business, the value translates to actual Customer Value but also to Customer […]